A Dominion City Blues Story


The child genius, Dane Roys, leads an interesting life inventing new gadgets for his father's auto repair shop. Nicknamed Zoot by his dad, Dane has big plans for his future and, at 10 years old, already feels constrained by the limits of the family trade. Zoot dreams of harnessing the energy of rotating galaxies and bending spacetime to enable interstellar travel. He yearns for the fame of proving himself the world's greatest living genius.


To achieve his aims, Zoot believes in removing obstacles from his path.


Richter, a charismatic underworld operator, sees in Zoot great potential which might be manipulated to meet his own power-hungry needs. So begins the luring of the child prodigy from the loving protection of parental guidance. But, will flying the family nest and hooking up with an underworld outfit really help Zoot to realise the dreams of his youthful genius, or will it merely place further obstacles in his path?



DOMINION: A lawless city of ten million desperate souls. The State ignores the struggles of the dispossessed, but crushes any who challenge its rule.


G-Boy is a delinquent graffiti artist and ace pilot working the airborne auto theft trade who finds his life threatened when he teams up with a slick newcomer, a girl named Spider. She's tech savvy and scopes all the angles, but comes wrapped in a web of secrecy and bad luck. After they lift a haul of booby-trapped vehicles and their partners in crime are blown from the skies, they find themselves under suspicion from their gangland boss and painted as terrorists by the authorities who govern Dominion City.


As the net tightens around them, G-Boy is presented with a dilemma. Face punishment for his crimes or accept a fool's sacrifice by taking the hand of a mysterious stranger offering escape. But, at a price.



Fool's Sacrifice: Dominion City Blues Book One - The first instalment in a riotous, dystopian sci-fi series that will spin you round and leave you dizzy with anticipation for more...

Geronimo Bosch - Author and Impartial Self-Publicist


Thrilling in the extreme, Fool's Sacrifice: Dominion City Blues Book One is a perfect substitute for most prescription medication.

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